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ICT & WASH 2013

It has been a busy year for the Water Wonk- new job, new city…

It’s been an even bigger year for ICT4WASH- I’d say it’s been the biggest year yet for mobile WASH tech.  Conferences, events, webinars galore.  New apps, new dashboards, and an ever growing list of github version releases that I never seem to have time to read.

To help summarize the ongoings of the ICT4WASH sub-sector, some of us have put together a great new paper about 3 key conference workshops that have taken place this Fall.  Through these events, we’ve covered a wide range of topics (Big data, open data, open source, crowdsource….) and multiple target audiences (governments, implementers, end users, and the general public).

Give it a read, let us know what trends/themes/key lessons you’ve learned this year and where you hope to see ICT4WASH go next year!

ICT&WASH_Fall 2013

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